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ALPHA From the infinite abyss, an energy surges inexorably advances towards the ends of the universe. The twilight of nowhere begins to give way to the birth of a new life. From the ashes of darkness matter is born. An insignificant point in the void of the cosmos changes everything. Even the smallest glimpse of life is related to the whole. We are all fragments from above. The offspring of an instant that marked the beginning of time. A chance, fortuitous event. Matches that intertwine weaving a life with remnants of death. The beginning of something, the creation of everything. The origin of individuality. Life crawls, time flies. Death awaits, under the skies. The one who is, (the one) who was, (the one) who will come. The first, the origin. Life passes by silently. Empty eyes claim the throne of the world. A kingdom raised beneath of dust, ash and smoke. We believe that we own our destiny, but we don't know where we come from. We are in time to make amends for our mistakes to start with a blast from the past. Lyrics by Barbarian Prophecies.
AMONG US Looking at the horizon, waiting for answers that never appear. What’s the meaning of life? Are we the result of an almost impossible chance at one point in the vast universe? Our existence is nothing more than a sigh within the eternity of creation, an instant of life surrounded by death and emptiness. Those who know the answers live among us, those who possess the knowledge watch us in the shadows. We live blinded behind a curtain of confusion, our ancestors knew the answers. For millennia watching the sky they waited for the return of the architects, the secrets of ancient gods are still among us. Everything is written, only who is able to see beyond will be able to unmask them. The truth lives within us, encoded and hidden is the answer. Our existence is ephemeral and our most precious asset is us. Do not waste time looking for codes far from us. For millennia watching the sky, we’re waiting for the return of the architects, the secrets of ancient gods are still among us. Lyrics by Barbarian Prophecies
PHI Since the beginning of time, since the first fire in the middle of the darkness of a cave, since the first glance towards the stars, the primordial human being begins the debate about his existence and the meaning of everything. The first thinkers emerge, the figure of philosopher. A curious look into the beyond trying to make sense of the unknown. The seed of science and human development has expand its roots. Civilization advances clumsily dragging the heavy chains of ignorance imposed by the leaders of an unjust system, shielding their evil designs and laws under the image of false prophets and gods... Shielding their evil designs and laws under the image of false idols. A destiny woven by acts of faith hangs over humanity. We bury in the depths of the chest what we cannot explain to fill that void even if only of doubts. Who does not want to believe, what awaits? When hell has already risen to Earth. Who does not want to believe to fill that void of doubts... What awaits? Who awaits? Lyrics by Barbarian Prophecies.
SUPREME VAMPIRE How sweet sensations may you feel having the power of immortality? Supreme vampire. Having the chance of pass several generations. Supreme vampire. What were you thinking when the mortal suffers without remedy? Instead of your nature, your heart is bleeding and solitude fill up your days. How difficult is getting some kind of human love. “Death is but the doorway to new life. We live today, we shall live again. In many forms shall we return”. Supreme vampire. Lyrics by Barbarian Prophecies, except a fragment from an anonymous Egyptian Proverb.
MORTE NEGRA He already feels that you are extinguished in his bosom, vital flame, that gives light to his spirit, his body strength, youth to his soul. Your warmth will no longer temper his blood, for the frozen winter, nor will you make his heart beat, already lacking breath and hope. Mute, blind, insensitive, without joys or torments, it will be like a star that is extinguished and only lost goes through the expanse of the sky. Ambos errantes polo mundo andamos i as nosas forzas acabando van. Mais ¡ai!, ti nela atoparás descanso, i eu tan sóio na morte o hei de atopar. Morte negra, morte negra, cura de dores e engaños. Lyrics: An adaptation based on fragments of different poems written by Rosalía de Castro
HORIZON Since the dawn of mankind, always seeking to be equal to god. Unstoppable desire for absolute power to reign in a kingdom of ruins… ruins! Darkness, misery, pain… Innocent and submissive controlled by imposed lies which lead us to the loss of reason. Defeated and sunk, but we advance along a path full of stones with which we build of fort. Hope, dissent, go forward… Nonconformist and unbelievers pursuing a new horizon, tearing down all beliefs, seeking the union of an awakened humanity. Knowledge is our freedom, but words face the bullets because always man has hunting man. The light comes after the obscurity. The fog of ignorance will disappear to reach the horizon of freedom. Thousand of lost souls banished from the world under the joke of false idols, they await advance, a vengeance that plunges tyranny into the depths of hell. Lyrics by Barbarian Prophecies.
THE SIGN Get up. Sun is rising again. A new task is waiting. Take all the energy now. You’ve had your time, you can, you must stop brooding. Don’t look back something retards you. Stop weighing up, stop it, better be dull. So dull. Is it a sentence? The sign… The voice whispering that something is wrong. Keep the flow, never let go, struggle to reach your target. Despite of the doubt if its the right or the wrong, you have to overcome in the market. Fantasy’s good but it comes to obsessions, you’re longing for good hesitating. Time is just money and the money runs out and you’re way full of doubt and you’re waiting. Stop thinking right now and get dull. Is it a sentence? The sign… The voice whispering that something is wrong. Run. They’re coming closer. Competitors are quick. Their overbearing sympathy makes you sick. Nowhere to go. Let me out of here… I want to escape. Run away. Like Rilke’s panther you’re locked in your cage, but the world outside is frightening. Foreign and threatening so you pause in your cell, heavenly stay in confinement. But the voice starts to yell, always spoiling your dwell contaminating your cell every morning. Conscience calls you a useless, a lazy, a bungler who have wasted the gifts and the mercy, confused and remaining dull. Is it a sentence? The sign… The voice whispering that something is wrong. What went wrong? Where are you now? Where are the ones you once trusted? Where are the ones who showed you the light that you’ve lost? They’re all gone! Lyrics by Barbarian Prophecies
PSI Walking through the shadows, guided by a dim light towards the threshold of infinity. Where matter ends and the mind is part of the ether of eternity. Don't be afraid in the black night, as dark as hell, where souls in pain were banished from the world leaving behind heavy loads impossible to bear. Above forgotten graves, laments of those who have gone before their time can still be heard. The flesh turns to dust, soul and mind prevail. A light at the end, rebirth in another cover of flesh. Eternal condemnation, resurgence from suffering. Where is the original source? Where is God? And eternal peace? Again reborn in suffering. Old lives are extinguished to give way to a new existence in the infinite cycle of energy. One last breath lifts the mind and soul beyond the ground where we rot. Psyche, extension of cosmos. Lyrics by Barbarian Prophecies.
ÜBERMENSCH Millennia invested in deconstructing the figure embodied by the master with the dark purpose of hiding knowledge from the human being. Centuries of manipulation seeking the total annulment of consciousness, diverting the search for answers to man's problems to the afterlife and the supernatural. Blaming all for the crimes committed by a few controlled by the deepest of evils. Preventing the human from reaching his true purpose, the understanding of life. The expansion of the intrinsic creative energy in each individual that makes up the fundamental internal force of nature. We survive by generating an individual value system reaching a higher level outside of conformity and resignation. Death to slave morality, imposed by lies and false dogmas inherited from an erroneous cult towards a false god. "Lasst den Übermenschen die Bedeutung der Erde sein! Ich beschwöre euch, meine Brüder und Schwestern, bleibt der Erde treu und glaubet nicht denen, die von überirdischen Hoffnungen sprechen!". Lyrics by Barbarian Prophecies, except an adaptation based on a fragment from “Also sprach Zarathustra” by Friedrich Nietzsche
OMEGA Waiting for the final judgment, the devastation of all that is known, the return to the shadows and the void. How to understand the end without knowing the beginning? The era of men is nearing its end, corruption and lack of empathy have eliminated the meaning of human existence. Misery and hunger continue. Death sharpens its scythe to reap new souls, year after year, conflict after conflict. We expect a hell engulfed in flames and demons when the masters of evil already live among us. We look for life in other worlds while we sow death in this, trying to solve the mystery of the inevitable. The Alpha and the Omega complement each other, the meaning of life is death. And death is life. Matter and energy are transformed again giving way to other forms of existence. Crossing the threshold of the beyond reaching the omega, the beginning and the end go hand in hand, a new plane of existence awaits us. Waiting for the final judgment, the devastation of all that is know, the return to the shadows and the void. How to understand the end without knowing the beginning? Do not fall into the trap and go on your way. They want to catch you in the infinite wheel of hell on Earth. Lyrics by Barbarian Prophecies.


released July 6, 2021


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Barbarian Prophecies Lugo, Spain

Extreme metal band from Lugo (Galicia / Spain) founded in 2000.

✅ Works:
Conquerors of the wolfthrone (Demo 2002), War is imminent (EP 2004), War (Demo 2007), Condemned land...the war begins (LP 2009), Remember the fallen (LP 2011), XIII (LP 2013), Remains Of Existence (EP 2015), Origin (LP 2018). The last album Horizon (2021) was recorded, mixed and mastered at Kollapse Studio by Iván Ferro.
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